Travel experience

Photo credit: FotoGrazio via / CC BY-NC-ND

Many students who apply to do an international internship are already experienced travellers, they may have gone abroad many times with their families or school. However an international internship is a different experience.

You may be the only Australian at your workplace, and you may find there are few people outside work who speak English.

Overall you are immersing yourself in a different culture for a length of time, alone.

When considering if you are ready for an international experience, do you think you have the necessary independent living skills required, for instance will you be okay to get on public transport from the airport to your pre-booked accommodation? You will be ordering food in a foreign language and shopping for everyday items in a place where ‘everyday’ means something different to home.

Some social and political realities might seem shocking, compared to what you are used to, but are your host country’s normal. You need to be open to radically different environments and recognise that is not going to be easy or comfortable the whole time. But what an adventure!

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