One thing that often concerns students thinking about going overseas is their health. It is important to be fit and healthy, if you want to manage the full range of activities available.

Students who have had a history of depression or other mental illnesses should carefully consider which country they are choosing to travel to, but more importantly discuss the plan with a doctor.

Travelling can be taxing physically and mentally, but this should not stop you from having this experience, if you and your doctor feel you are ready for it.

Similarly, people with a physical disability will find that some countries are easier to negotiate than others. Students need to do their research and get good advice from appropriately trained medical staff, family and carers.

General Health
Six weeks prior to departure you should seek information about any immunisations or health issues relevant to travelling and living in another country. Please refer to your own doctor for more information and consult Smart Traveller’s Health site.

The International SOS (ISOS) website has health information under each country listing.

Health and well being information is also provided in the pre-departure sessions run by the Education Abroad Office and Schools.

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