We encourage you to take your own security seriously. Find accommodation in safe districts, do not expose yourself unnecessarily to harm, and make sure you research the country you are planning to intern in.

RMIT offers students an International SOS service when you have registered your trip.

International SOS (ISOS) is a provider of 24 hour medical and security advice and assistance for medical, security or other emergencies, for all authorised RMIT business travellers, including students.

Travellers should simply call ISOS – reverse charge, from anywhere in the world, for emergency assistance: +61 2 9372 2468. You can call ISOS before you travel to discuss your travel needs, security etc. If you need to make an insurance claim, ISOS can assist in contacting the university insurer.

If you do not register you trip then you are not covered by this importance service.

It is important you research and check the level of risk in the country and region you are interested in going to. It is always a good idea to register your travel with Smart Traveller, as well as ISOS.

If travel to your country of choice is not recommended by Smart Traveller you should consult your Program Coordinator to discuss alternative ways of gaining credit so that you do not suffer any academic penalty.

We also strongly urge students to register with the Australian embassy in the country in which they are interning.

You can find country and region risk level information here:

  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – the Smart Traveller website provides up-to-date information about the risks you might face overseas, helping you to make well-informed decisions about whether, when and where to travel.

Depending on the circumstances, you may wish to contact your course coordinator directly  if you encounter any travel problems while overseas. Your coordinator can contact the Global Mobility Office on your behalf if necessary.

Featured Image: ** RCB ** via VisualHunt / CC BY

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