The world is a big place, and it can be frightening. Parents  may resist the idea of you travelling overseas alone to work or study because of this. And maybe you would be alarmed if they didn’t!  But if you follow our guidelines and are sensible it will probably be no more risky than staying home.

Check out the safety FAQ for more information.

The experiences of others can reassure parents, so if you can, find someone who has returned from an internship who would be happy to advocate for you.

RMIT staff members are  happy to take a call to discuss any concerns about going on an international internship.

Parents of returned students tell us that while they were apprehensive at the outset, they realised that the international internship is good for self- and professional development and would give their child many advantages in the long run. Many comment that the person coming home is more independent and considerate and all up more mature, in a good way.

Photo credit: Minette Layne via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC

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