An international internship can provide a significant point of difference on your CV.

When you return to Australia from your internship it is important that you capture the experience fully, not just as a line on your CV.

Make sure you get copies of all the work you have produced and put these somewhere safe, such as in an ePortfolio.

Take the time to reflect upon the works you have created, and write about them in ways that can show a future employer how the skills you used and enhanced on your internship will bring benefit to them.

In any job application, or job interview, it is common to reflect on your work and the skills you have acquired through four themes: what the situation was, what the task was that you undertook to address it/provide what was needed, what actions you took (and skills you applied) to perform the task, and what were the achievements that resulted from your work (remember this with the acronym STAR: Situation, Task, Actions, Results).

Combine this with your international internship experience as a global citizen. Perhaps these headings are useful: intercultural competence, global understanding, emotional intelligence, innovation and creativity, and independence.