Promoting your internship

It is a good idea to be proactive in promoting your activity while you are on internship, as well as when you get back.

Promotion is not only good for you, but also for your funding body. If you have been fortunate enough to receive a grant to do your internship, it is important to say thank you.

For instance, The Australia Japan Foundation, Australia Korea Foundation and the New Colombo Plan will be really happy to see you tweet, blog, or Facebook about positive experiences.

When you are distributing your published or broadcast work on social media,  just add in a  a hashtag your funding body: for instance, saying you are funded by the #AKF (Australia Korea Foundation) #AJF (Australian Japan Foundation), or #NCP (New Colombo Program).

You can also tweet that you are from #RMIT. We would be happy with that.

Thank you notes, gifts

At the end of your internship (both domestic and international) you should say thank you to your host for having you work there.

It is important to say thank you in person and you should also write a card, and consider leaving a small gift. Something personal is good. Your gift only needs to be small, and inexpensive, but do put some thought into it, preferably even before you leave home, if your internship is overseas.

We want them to look at that gift, smile, and think of you.

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via Visualhunt / CC BY

Adding value

The most important part of having an international internship opportunity is make the most of it, not only personally but professionally.

When returning to Australia you should think carefully about how to convey on your CV and to employers the skills you have gained. It is not just about the stories you have had broadcast or published, but the fact that you have worked in a cross cultural environment and shown the ability to work independently in a challenging environment.

Importantly upload your work to an Eportfolio.

Personal: Students who have returned from an international experience report that they have grown in maturity and experience and many believe that an international experience is a life changing event.

Professional: It makes a resume stand out from the crowd. For instance, for Journalism interns a real-world, international newsroom experience is invaluable. There is also the opportunity to build contacts and practical skills, and add to their portfolio of published works with something out of the ordinary.


Featured Image: flazingo_photos via Visualhunt / CC BY-SA