Where to go

As the saying goes, ‘the world is your oyster’. There are universities and employers and projects in almost every country in the world so you are limited only by your imagination, University schedule and, of course, money.

The Australian government is currently encouraging students to spend time in Asia but Europe and North America continue to be popular destinations. When you are considering which country to go to you may like to consider Asia because of the great opportunities that are available to Australians and the relatively low cost of living. Europe and North America are much more expensive and there are many more students seeking opportunities in these countries.

Interning in Korea

Many of our students have interned in Seoul in the Republic of Korea thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Australian Korea Foundation. Students who have taken part in the Korean internship program have gone on to be employed in news organisations in Australia, with many employers stating that the internship in Seoul had helped the student stand out from the crowd.

Australia’s SBS radio network recently created the following audio podcast: Welcome to Seoul, eclectic capital of South Korea

Interning in Indonesia (ACICIS)

RMIT University strongly encourages students in journalism to attend the  ACICIS Journalism Professional Practicum (JPP) . The ACICIS (PRON: ah-chee-chus) JPP runs for six weeks in Indonesia, including a two-week intensive Indonesian language study and industry-led seminars at Atma Jaya University, followed by a four-week supervised industry placement. The program runs from early January to mid-February each year.

For the past few years students have been supported in their internships with funding from the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan (NCP).


RMIT students who have done the ACICIS program have gone on to work in major news outlets in Australia and overseas.  All claim that that the ACICIS program helped them stand out to employers.



Explore the ACICIS website.