Jessie Galea 2016-1

This site was created by Alex Wake, Rilke Muir and Marianne Sison (pictured above) from the School of Media and Communication, RMIT University.

This is part of a project called, “Global work ready: Enhancing employability through international internships”, which was given a grant by the RMIT University Learning and Teaching Fund in 2016.

DSC Digital Team

The educational design and videos were produced by a talented team in the RMIT University’s College of Design and Social Context, specifically by the Digital Learning Design team of  Zaina Indira Nehme, Leigh Blackall, Eloise Acuna and Yolanda Rios.

Thank you also to those who assisted in various ways with this project, specifically: David Boyle, Tom Fayle, Kathleen Griffiths, Roberto Guevara, Richard Johnson, Brianne Johnstone,  Patrick Kelly, Anielle Leung, Ruth Moeller, Sally Parrott, Fiona Peterson, Leoni Russell, Vanessa Tu, and Cherrie Zhao.

And also thanks to all the students and graduates of  journalism programs at RMIT University  who made videos, gave advice, or were interviewed for this project.