Students have a number of options at RMIT where they can have international experiences

Semester-long Programs

Some students are interested in spending a semester at a university somewhere else in the world. RMIT University has agreements in place with more than 200 universities across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

To organise a semester abroad you will need to start researching the options and apply to go before the end of your first year of study.

Smart Traveller has an entire section on studying overseas.

The most difficult part, apart from choosing your country, is finding courses at the foreign university that match the courses you would be studying here in Australia if you didn’t go away. If you don’t find a good match, you could find that your studies take longer to complete.

Start by talking to Global Mobility about the countries and universities that are available.

Short-term Programs

Each year there are range of short-term programs overseas which are often electives or a part of a larger course. To find out about  opportunities, which include Global Intensives (Study Tours), Global Summer and Winter Programs and Work-based Programs, talk to your academic advisor or to RMIT Global Mobility where expert staff can explain your options and guide you on your way.

For more information contact RMIT Global Mobility.

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