Student Resources


When researching countries 

The Lonely Planet is a really good place to start researching any country.

As well as books (hard copy or e-books), Lonely Plant has guide apps and language tools.

But it is not the only place for information, and Lonely Plant is aimed at tourists, not those working in the country. Start with this, but please go deeper.

The Australian government Smart Traveller site has a general page on Living and Working Overseas that gives a good idea of the big issues for longer stays.

When researching cities

Past interns tell us that the best advice comes from students from that country, or people who have visited recently.

Ask around and be prepared to invest in a few cups of coffee for people with direct and recent experience to get the best low-down on your destination, and hopefully contacts for while you are away.

TripAdvisor has heaps of information of the tourist kind, good for making the most out of your weekends.

Language courses

Available online or in person. Check out if RMIT is running any suitable short courses. Often funding bodies organise some language education as part of their programs.
Embassies can be a good starting point to find some language instruction.


STA travel is designed to suit students and it may work out better to chat to one of their consultants about flight options, rather than risk a dodgy super-cheap deal online.

Travel Insurance

The university has requirements for your travel insurance policy.
Do not leave home without one!

Remember,  RMIT Global Mobility staff have heaps of experience with people just like you.

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